How to Prepare Your Skin for Valentine’s Day 

In addition to ironing out date night plans and preparing gifts, you have to prepare your skin for Valentine’s Day as well. This includes keeping your skin free of pimples or wrinkles, making it firm, and supple. Of course, you will need to face your special someone with a youthful and fresh look. 

Aside from visiting Frisco dermatology, here are a couple of tips that can help you: 

Moisturize Properly 

Whenever you are looking for an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, you will have to consider several things. You can’t simply purchase a random object and put a Valentine-themed wrap. Just like that, moisturizing is not as easy as putting on simply any lotion on the skin. Applying it unevenly or overdoing the moisturizer can lead to clogged pores and other negative effects.  

Drink More Water and Less Coffee 

If you want to keep your face wrinkle-free and young this Valentine’s Day, you have to stick to only 1 or 2 cups of coffee. For those who don’t know, coffee is a diuretic. It improves the production of urine and keeps your body from holding on to water. This will cause wrinkles to appear and leaves your skin dry. In addition to managing your coffee intake, you have to hydrate yourself properly by drinking more than 8 glasses of water each day. 

Clean Your Skin Regularly 

You need your date to focus their eyes on your eyes, not on your acne. In addition to using appropriate acne gel or cream, you have to wash your face to get rid of excess oil and dirt at the end of every day. You should make this a part of your bedtime routine. Even if you are already exhausted when you come home, you still have to stick to this routine. 

Eat Veggies and Fruits 

Your February diet should be filled with green, orange, and red. After all, valentine’s day will be filled with pink and red as well. Carrots, papaya, and pumpkins are rich in beta carotene. This transforms into vitamin A in your body and helps fix skin. You can also include kale, mustard greens, and spinach as well. Oftentimes, leafy greens include lutein. This lowers the damaging effect of the UV rays of the sun on skin cells. Furthermore, lutein and beta carotene are both antioxidants.  

Use Oral Antioxidants 

Oral antioxidants such as Vitamins E and C safeguard against damage and irritation from air pollution. This results in youthful skin. If you take antioxidant capsules, you can get these advantages. Of course, your special someone will not cringe when he/she kisses your cheek or holds your hands this Valentine’s Day. 

If you utilize an antioxidant serum as well, you can maximize the effect. Look for a serum that stops UV ray damage and prompts the body to generate more collagen. This offers your skin its structure.  

You can surprise your special someone this valentine’s day if you stick to these tips. Of course, you can always visit a dermatologist if you want to maximize the effects.  

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