Types of Cooling Towers

Are you one of those people that think that cooling towers are uniform objects that you can put anywhere? Of course, not! There are a lot of types of cooling towers produced, made or supplied by companies such as International Cooling Towers and other big companies that are responsible in making, producing or supplying cooling towers.  

There are a lot of cooling towers for you to choose from and here is the ultimate guide for you: 

  • Field Erection Type 

Most power plants make use of this type of cooling tower. Power plants such as those big plants that produces many and a lot of products such as oils, steel, coal, cement and other products that are produced by power plants uses these type of cooling tower for the operations of the power plant. If a company or a plant is also going to purchase this type of cooling tower, the manufacturers will make this type of cooling tower according to the criteria that the company or plant needs.  

  • Package Type 

This type of cooling tower is the kind that is used by smaller buildings or businesses that does not really need that high-functioning cooling tower just like a shopping mall, an office, a hotel or something that resembles the previous examples. This type of cooling tower is also pre-made which means that if a shopping mall, a hotel or an office would order this then it would be quickly transported from the maker to the buyer in no time. Compared to other types of cooling towers, this one is the type which you will be able to transfer easier.  

  • Wet Type 

This is the most famous out of all the types of cooling towers because this is the kind that would also help you save money because this is affordable and cheap and the source of this type is a renewable source which makes it a popular choice. The source that is being used here is water and you can probably find water everywhere and it can be renewed easily.  

  • Fluid Type 

This type of cooling tower also utilizes water but it should be mixed with glycol and does not have direct contact with the air and this is a popular choice if you want your place to be super clean without any pollution and other debris.  

  • Natural Draft Type 

This type of cooling tower is the one that utilizes its shape and style very well because the shape and the style of the tower is playing a great role in having the air move and flow in a natural way by using the fans.  

If you have a property that you think needs a cooling tower, you should definitely choose the type that would be best for the property that you have. You should make sure that you choose the right type of cooling tower based on the functions that will be done by the property that you have. This is not a cheap investment; hence, you must only trust professionals to help you in deciding.